Helpful Beach Tips

I love going to the beach during the summer with the kids.  We went the weekend after school ended. It was so very relaxing! I love to go out early in the morning to see the sunrise and late in the day to see the sun set. I just think it is so beautiful! Here are a few tips that helped me during our time at the beach.

My kids have sensitive skin, so I protect them with sunscreen.  There are so many to choose from.  you will have to pick the best one for your skin type.  Neutrogena 70+ wet skin is the kind I use currently, because it is great for the beach and the pool. It says it give full strength protection   on wet and dry skin.  I bought a 2 pack at Target for about $13.

Have something fun planned to do during the hot hours at the beach.  We went on a banana boat ride.  That was a first for me.  The jet ski dragged us across the water at a high speed. I screamed my head off.  Another thing the kids did was go  kart racing. Right next door was a bowling alley. We bowled a game. I didn’t win, but I came close.

Eating before we went out to the beach was also helpful. That way I didn’t have anyone complaining of being hungry. Our Aunt made a large breakfast. One of the dishes she made was a quiche. Some of my kids loved it. I brought the recipe home with me to try out.  My kids used to be allergic to dairy and eggs. Now that they are no longer allergic, I plan to keep her quiche recipe in rotation.

Another fun thing we did was going to get ice cream at the cutest ice cream shop around.  It had these colorful and vey comfortable rocking chairs out front. if I can find a picture, I will post it for sure.  I had banana pudding ice cream.  I think my husband got some kind of chocolate flavor. It was gone before I could even ask for some.  I picked up a gift for my niece and nephew at the gift shop that is inside the ice cream shop. They had some of the cutest little trinkets and things.  It’s called The Sweet Spot.

When it cooled off a little, we went to the beach. We usually have an umbrella or tent to have some shade on those bright sunny days.  Most beaches we have been to let you rent an umbrella and chairs if you don’t already have them.

It’s important to stay hydrated while we are out in the sun.  I found some large insulated cups that kept our drink cold for hours. Another idea that works well for me is bringing a cooler full of ice and drinks or even popsicles!

Watch out for the undertow or rip current.  Sadly, a teen died the weekend we were at the beach.  We saw the helicopters searching. Three teens were out playing but only 2 were saved. So be careful!

At the beach, it is seldom that I go into the water. My husband wades in and splashes around.  My oldest just lays out, and youngest plays in the sand.

Rinsing off before coming inside is the biggest tip I can possibly share.  Force everyone to use the outdoor shower or even a hose to rinse off before coming inside, unless you want a washer full of sand!

I always enjoy our time at the beach. I hope these tips help you the next time you go to the beach. I can’t wait to go back! See you next post!

Dee At Home