Delicious Infused Water

I say when life gives you lemons or limes, make mojitos! Since I am participating in a weight loss journey, I had to really cut out those mojitos. I needed to find something else to do with those lemons and limes. At Christmas, I went to a relative home.  She had a beautiful buffet set up.  There was every type of southern food dish you could possibly imagine.  The beverage station had a variety of options as well.  One thing was different.  Instead of plain water, she had sliced oranges at the bottom of the pitcher.  I loved that idea.  I came home and did the same.  Instead of oranges, I used my lemons and limes.  It was so refreshing without any sugar.

There are so many infused water ideas, it’s hard to have the same kind twice.   The more water, the better is my goal.  My favorite is strawberry lime. It’s both tart and sweet.

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  1. Great topic and yes water minus sugary beverage are better for your overall health and yes you will see those pounds melt away. I love the infusion waters especially those with herbs.

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