New Healthy Lifestyle


Sportive woman doing push up exercise on fitness ball white background

January is that time of year that some of us focus on getting healthier, eating better and moving more.  I am no different.  In an effort to do those things, I have joined a weight loss challenge my friend is hosting. I will link her website here.  You can go to her website to learn more about it.  I am only a few days in, but I feel amazing!  I am eating much better and I am moving more.  I didn’t weigh myself so I have no clue what I have lost.  Sometimes the numbers get to me.  So far I have noticed I can exercise a little longer everyday. I purchased a few exercise tools to assist me in my weight  loss.  It is always fun to add new things to keep from getting bored. I found these at Five Below. A foam roller for my sore muscles, a balance board and the cutest $5 shoes I have ever seen.

I have another friend who asked me to join her in doing the next JJ Smith Green Smoothie Challenge.   I believe that starts next month.  I have never done an all liquid diet successfully.  I really like to chew.  So I am looking forward to a few smoothies but not all just smoothies.

I haven’t left out moving more.  I am looking for a gym near me.  I joined the neighbors in a walking group they have.  That has been fun.  And it helped me get to know my neighbors.  They are in much better shape than I, but they were very considerate.

I have a friend that is trying an ariel skills class.  I wish her the best, but I am not ready.  I want to lose a few more pant sizes before I hang from the ceiling by a piece of cloth.  But I must admit, it does sound like fun.  I wonder if she will let me tag along and take some pictures for my blog for research.

I haven’t left out water.  I have a Zero water pitcher that I drink from throughout the day.  It’s not 8 glasses a day, but I am working on it.  For the next 2 months, I will be eating better, moving more and hopefully getting healthier as a result.  I will be posting my progress, so stay tuned.